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Portable USB rechargeable LED red light therapy panel.

With 660nm and 850nm Red light. Controlled individually.

Very low flicker <1%.


Included in the box:

- LED panel

- USB cable and charger


1.5 hour charge lasts 3 hours.

Dimensions: 150mm x 95mm x 40mm.

Power: 12 x 3w.

Green LED Battery capacity indicator.

USB C connection.

Metal construction.

Colour black only.


These are low EMF red light panels. 

Using an inbuilt DC rechargeable battery means very low EMF and virtually no flicker.

In comparoison, red light panels that plug into the AC mains will have a natural flicker effect from the 50Hz frequency and have high electric fields unless provided with a suitable grounded connection.


Actual item may differ slightly from the photos.






Disclaimer: EMFShop and all its suppliers do not endorse this product for medical use or treatment for any condition. Information on this page is not intended to replace any advice from a qualified health care professional and proper medical advice should be obtained before use. 


Eos Portable Red Light Therapy Panel

  • When the sun rises in the morning, it brings with it an abundance of beautiful health giving red light. This is why we named our red light panel Eos after the ancient Greek goddess of the dawn.



    Red light panels use the principle of Photobiomodulation. This process describes the regenerative action of light on our cells. Structures within our cells like mitochondria are particularly receptive to photons of light that trigger photochemical and photophysical changes. The mitochondria chromophore called cytochrome c oxidase absorbs red light at particular frequencies which increase electron and proton tunnelling. This also leads to increasing the efficiency of ATP aka energy production. Photobiomodulation or PMB has been extremely well studied and documented since the 1960’s.

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