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This easy to use digital socket tester with LCD display is designed to check the earthing connection of your sockets. As a simple plug in device it is ideally used in conjuction with any new earthing product like mats and pillow cases to ensure they are being used in the correct manner.


Other features cover the accurate detection of AC voltage, wiring polarity and leakage (RCD test). 


Easy to read screen indicators cover:

- Wiring check

- Missing neutral wire

- Missing Phase (live) wire

- Missing earth wire

- Phase (live) and earth reversed

- Phase (live) and neutral reversed


Requires 2 AAA batteries (not supplied).


Test voltage range 0.1V to 250V

Working temperature 0 to 40 C

RCD current >30mA


AU plug configuration for New Zealand and Australia electrical systems.

Earthing Digital Socket Tester

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