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Blue Light Glasses

The artificial light environment over recent years has changed. We now spend more time looking at screens from devices and computers everyday. The light bulb and our night time illuminated spaces have also changed from incandescent bulbs to lower energy LED options. All this new technology has introduced a different light spectrum into our lives which has a large component of blue light.


Blue light in nature is what sets our body clocks and activates our hormone panel. It is a stimulating light with a relationship to many biological functions. Outside the normal boundaries of the daily light cycle, artificial blue light unmatched to nature is a major factor in the coherence of our circadian clock mechanism. Think of the circadian clock as the timing and tuning of your bodies engine.

Managing blue light exposure is therefore an important part of health and longevity. To do this we control the levels of blue light entering the eye with these special glasses when using devices or under artificial light.

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