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About Us and EMF Information

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Andy Hooley

Founder and Lead EMF Specialist

Andy is the founder of both EarthWaves and EMFShop. Through some personal health challenges and recognising EMFs as an important part of life, measuring and remediating EMFs became the priority and EarthWaves EMF Surveys was formed. This then lead to opening of EMFShop as an online store to provide New Zealand with solutions for protection. This is the very short version of the story that began this EMF journey. Click the EarthWaves link to learn more.

At EMFShop we field test everything and have established experience in EMF measuring, testing, shielding and protection. 

So, what is the issue with electromagnetic fields?​

Let’s not beat around the bush. Our environment is changing. Man made technology is increasing rapidly and the infrastructure that delivers it is expanding exponentially. The effects from it all are increased exposures to introduced electromagnetic fields from very low to extremely high frequencies. These levels of exposure are above and beyond the normal and natural health boundaries for which we are designed. From cell phone transmitters, wearable tech, to WiFi in every home and business, the internet of things, to the 10’s of thousands of satellites that are going up and let’s not forget the electric power grid, LED lights and all plug in appliances. We are growing our EMF exposures to new unprecedented massive levels.


The electro pollution or EMF smog from this technology isn’t part of the natural EMF landscape. Nowhere in nature do we find pulsed or phase modulated frequencies, AC magnetic fields or 3 phase 50Hz high current electric fields. Our manmade EMFs carry more energy and more data, travel longer distances, they are altered to access all areas through buildings, homes, schools, rest homes and places us all in permanent communication, power grids and interconnected technology. 


At a base level, at least at the quantum level, we are electromagnetic beings. We generate energy from the sunlight captured in the food we consume, the earth we stand on, and the sun we are electrochemically connected to. The water in our bodies is the storage for that electromagnetic energy. Our planet and universe is electromagnetic and provides us with the right amount of EMF for life and protection. Every chemical reaction in the universe including our own biology, involves an electromagnetic exchange of electrons. It is undeniable, misrepresented and purposely unacknowledged that at the most basic and most complex levels, we are electromagnetic beings, as is all life on earth.


Five billion years of evolutionary electromagnetic interconnection has now been altered. From the mid 1800’s we began adding to the natural background EMFs with the first electric communication and utilities network. Then came electrical lighting and appliances, then radio and the last 70 years the proliferation of worldwide radio frequencies. In simple terms, technology has moved so fast it has now outpaced human adaptation. The correlation between technology and disease is very well documented.


This electromagnetic environment is about to explode even further with the massive wireless technology revolution known as 5G and so we find ourselves at the crossroads of major change. The marketing moniker of 5G is an oversimplification of the scale of what is about to come. From here, the environment is changing extremely quickly. 


So, having said all that, what should we do?

In short, if you truly believe in health and longevity, we need to up skill and educate ourselves on this subject. We should learn how EMFs affect us by looking at the true history of our development and how that relates to health. We need to know how to physically protect ourselves, how to minimise our EMF footprints and learn how to create our own health and healing sanctuaries at home for ourselves, our children and our families. And, we should share what we know about this expanding area of environmental pollution to raise the awareness.

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