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This simple radiation detector meter uses a professional Geiger counter and an energy-compensated GM counter tube as the core sensor for accurate detection of beta, gamma and x-rays. Fast detection speed, strong anti-interference capability, high sensitivity, wide measuring range and long service life. Detection range: 0.08uSv/h~9999uSv/h.


Radiation dose data is updated in real-time per second.


This compact radiation detector can be set to sound an alarm on any cumulative value or dose rate. When the radiation value exceeds the set value, the radiation dosimeter will automatically emit a loud sound and a flashing screen for alarm. The main technical specifications of the personal radiation detector are in accordance with international standards.


A radiation dosimeter can be used in our everyday environment: food, water, imported goods, cosmetics, stone, and decoration materials. Medical environment: radiology, CT, CR, DR, radionuclides, pharmaceuticals, etc. Industrial environment: metallurgy, waste recycling, metal casting, etc. Or as personal protection.


The digital Geiger counter has been selected with a powerful microprocessor with a TFT display for clear page measurement data and to make operation easier. With the built-in 400 mA rechargeable lithium battery, the nuclear radiation detector can measure continuously for 15-24 hours after only 1 hour of charging.


Size: 105mm x 26mm x 16mm



Geiger Counter

USB C charging cable

Instruction manual

Geiger Counter

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