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Don't leave home without your own hidden camera detector. 


Hidden cameras are getting smaller and smaller and popping up in very unlikely places from hotel and motel rooms, holiday accommodation, public toilets and bathrooms, workplaces amongst many others.


This portable detector is a hidden camera finder and RF bug detector. This includes GPS trackers.


Hidden spy cameras under red light reflect back and can be identified through the lens finder. This device also has an RF detector to measure WiFi or cellular connections between hidden devices. We recommend that the two functions of the detector are used together to sweep the area you are interested in.


Size: 93 x 44 x 1 5mm
Weight: 36g
Working Hours: 25 consecutive hours
Antenna gain: -56db
Charging power source: DC5V/A
Product battery: 3.7V/300mAh polymer lithium battery
Sensitivity:  Adjustable
Receiving frequency range: 1 MHz- 6.5GHz
Signal detection range: 5 cm to 10 meters
Laser detection range: 10cm-15m

T1 detector

USB charging cord


Hidden Camera Detector

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