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This is a blue light filter to cover LED recessed down lights and other types of spot light.

Neatly fits over your light, held with magnets.

Easy to fit, easy to remove.


Two lens options are:

- AMBER - To remove the blue light

- RED - To remove the blue light and add red light to the area


Note the size requirement.

If you have a different sized downlight than what is stated here, please get in touch, we can custom make with different diameters.


NOTE - For LED downlights only. This is due to the temperature of the light. LED bulbs are cool to the touch. Any heat from other types of bulbs like incandescents may heat up and unstabilize the adhesive that binds the magnet to the lens filter.


This product was borne after many conversations with clients. During EMF surveys we also look at light polllution and the light spectrum from indoor lighting. Modern homes can have many recessed LED downlights that are very bright for the area. The blue light portion component of the white light is also very well known to disturb sleep and melatonin. Having come across many people who would like to still use their lights but with a night time option, we came up with this simple product. This light filter can be custom made to fit many types of lights.  

LED Light Filter

PriceFrom $20.00
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