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This is the Net Cotton RF Shielding Fabric  we call ShieldPlus. Useful in curtains as a lining or as separate net curtains, This material is also ideal for creating a faraday cage over your bed. This material is great for shielding from outside radio frequencies from cell phone towers, WiFi, Bluetooth etc.


NOTE: This material is 2.5m wide and sold by the meter. Please adjust the quantity counter for the number of meters you require.


This material is cut from a long roll and has unfinished edges with no hems.


82% Cotton 18% Silver fiber

Weight 63 GSM

Shielding effectiveness at 6GHz = 27.9db

High screening attenuation

See datasheet in images for measurement report

Handwash with neutral PH detergents and hang to dry. Do not dry clean.

All orders are custom cut at time of order.

Net Cotton RF Shielding Fabric - ShieldPlus

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