An ideal solution to help with turning off devices and appliances to keep a low EMF footprint. 


In situations were you would like to turn off your WiFi router, TV, Lights, Game Consoles, TV Boxes, Computers etc, but have limited access or mobility. A remote control socket switch is the answer. With a touch of a button you can easily turn off multiple items before bed and turn them on again just as easy.


Turning off at the socket, means lowered electrical fields around cables and switches connected to devices and appliances. Turning household items off remotely also means you don't expose yourself to the electrical circuits to manually turn off. 


The remote uses a common 433MHz frequency to turn on or off the socket connected to your house circuit. It only emits a very short low powered RF signal when the button is pressed. It is not a continuous signal. 


Operation range upto 40m.

Comes complete with 12v remote battery.

Two options available.

Rated current 10A.

Replacement for WiFi socket switches.





Remote Control Sockets Set

PriceFrom $27.90