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This very useful RFID adhesive shielding tape is made from the standard nickel copper polyester fabric which is highly conductive making it an ideal solution to block radio frequency.


The tape is 50mm wide and 20m long.


As a faraday protective fabric, this tape has high RF shielding properties and low resistance adding to its suitability across a number of applications.


Typical applications:

RFID protection

Shop RFID tag and security shielding

Smart meter shielding

Computer and electronics shielding

Cable shielding

Grounding tape used with RF shielding paints

Curtain linings

Personal shielding

RF wave guide


Tape Thickness: 0.1mm

Tape Width: 50mm

Length: 20m

Colour: Silver Grey Only

RFID Faraday Conductive Fabric Tape

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