This is the Graham-Stetzer power line EM filter for dirty electricity (DE). 

This filter is a device that reduces the electrical noise present on the wiring of a home or building. This electrical disturbance is often also called dirty electricity, microsurge electrical pollution, electromagnetic interference (EMI), line noise, harmonic distortions etc. Dirty electricity is caused by modern non linear plug in devices, appliances, lights, switches and solar power. These all contribute to adding additional frequencies onto the wiring circuits which can also be measured within the electrical field. Each household adds to the DE, and this is passed onto neighbouring houses through the electric supply loop.


In our experience, 99% of homes have varying issues with dirty electricity.


Reducing DE will likely require between one to ten filters depending on your situation.


Frequency filtering range - 4kHz to 150kHz.


Please get in touch for more information about measuring your DE and about how to go about filtering.

Stetzerizer Dirty Electricity Filter