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Swiss Shield® Max Wear Fabric is a very high quality and effective EMF protection solution. Like Naturell, this natural cotton fabric provides excellent shielding against high frequency pollution like cell phones, WiFi, Bluetooth, smart meters and other sources of radiation. It has high screening properties and blocks up to 99.99% of radiation depending on the frequency. This includes 3G, 4G and 5G both lower band and ultra wide band frequencies.


Swiss Shield Max Wear material is made from: 

70% Cotton, 28.5 % Copper , 1.5% Silver 


The cotton is high-quality, translucent, lightweight, semitransparent ­fabric with natural ecru/off white colour and completely chemical free.


Designed for use in clothing, shirts, maternity wear, pyjamas, boxer shorts, women's and children's outerwear, Men's and Boys wear.


Swiss Shield® Max Wear fabric is 1.5m wide and sold by the meter.  Please select your length. Custom lengths can be cut if required. Note that cut material is not hemmed.


Our Swiss Shield fabrics have many benefits including:

  • Certified high shielding efficiency - All Swiss Shield fabrics are tested and certified according to international norms by third party test institutes. 
  • Chemical free and OekoTex 100 Certified.
  • Pure silver and copper thread mean greater longevity. Other brands use silver coated nylon which can wear through use and washing reducing shielding effectiveness. 
  • Swiss Shield fabrics do not discolour unlike other fabrics.
  • No smell unlike silver coated nylon fabrics.
  • Free from harmful substances, nano particles, micro plastics and nano plastic.  
  • Fully washable.


Other Details:

  •  Weight 120 g/m2
  •  Dimensional Stability 3%
  •  Easy care washing:  
    • Delicate machine wash 30 degrees or hand wash in cold water
    • No harsh detergents use phosphate free mild eco detergents
    • Cool iron without steam
    • No tumble drying


The name Swiss Shield® stands for globally unique and patented high-tech yarns with extraordinary properties. Swiss Shield® yarns that are turned into fabrics ensure an efficient shielding from electromagnetic fields. Their degree of shielding, which can be modulated according to the type of application, ranges to over 80 dB.

Swiss Shield® impresses not only by its scientifically proven effectiveness. The fabric also meets the most exacting aesthetic standards and is well known for its lightness, elegant sheen and soft, velvety touch.

Swiss Shield® Max Wear

  • GSM 900 MHz 

    45 dB/45 dB

    GSM 1.8 GHz

    43 dB/43 dB

    BlueTooth/WiFi 2.4 GHz

    42 dB/42 dB

    WiFi 5.8 GHz

    38 dB/38 dB

    X-Band Radar 9.5 GHz

    33 dB/33 dB

    Attenuation dB / % 

    10 dB = 90 % 
    20 dB = 99 % 
    30 dB = 99.9 % 
    40 dB = 99.99 % 
    50 dB = 99.999 %
    60 dB = 99.9999% 

    Download Swiss Shield Max Wear test report HERE

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