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Many modern devices from routers, TV boxes, Bluetooth speakers, gaming consoles, home security etc constantly emit radio frequency (RF) made of WiFi and Bluetooth signals along with 3G and 4G frequencies. This technology in most cases is designed to be constantly connected and does not allow the radiation to be disabled or turned off. 


There are two options to deal with this increasing and pervasive exposure. We can either turn off the router or device which isn't always practical or possible, or we can shield to reduce radiation with a protective WiFi faraday guard box.


Made from stainless steel with a fine mesh this faraday box is designed to markedly reduce radiation at the same time allow for air flow for cooling of the device. This is not designed to completely block radio frequency rather reduce it to a manageable level. If you want to reduce the RF further you can also use the faraday cover over the device inside the guard box. We have put together a bundle option of the faraday guard box and faraday cover if you require this solution. 


Size: 340mm x 250mm (Internal)

Material: Stainless Steel

Mesh Size: 1.8mm


This faraday box is also a useful shield for other devices that constantly transmit radiation:


Digital TV boxes

Cordless phones

Smart speakers

Mesh repeaters/extenders

Wireless speakers

Game consoles

TV and media remote controls

Smart home products 


WiFi Router Faraday Guard Box

PriceFrom $189.00
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