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Many modern routers and other devices don't allow the WiFi signal to be turned off and with loosing the old copper phone lines, we now also have VOIP phone systems that need the internet to operate. This means our routers need to be powered on all the time.  Add to this, new routers also have two WiFi signals at 2.4GHz and 5GHz which are transmitted with greater power than older models.


Many new routers also transmit constant 3G and 4G signals irrespective of the WiFi status. This means there is a constantly very high radio frequency being emitted which in many homes is both unnescessary and contributing to ill health.


There are two options to deal with this exposure. We can turn off the router or device which isn't always practical or possible, or we can shield with a protective faraday cover.


Made from nickel, copper and polyester, and woven into a fine mesh. This signal tamer shielding faraday cover will suit all wireless frequencies and is designed to be breathable to allow natural air flow for normal device cooling.


The size of 33cm x 41cm (13 inches x 16 inches) means it is large enough for most domestic routers and other devices.


The design and materials used in this router guard has an effective radiation blocking rate of 90 to 95%.


Did you know that many remote controls including TV use Bluetooth!


This cover is also a useful shield for other devices that constantly transmit radiation:

Sky and digital TV boxes

Cordless phones

Smart speakers

Mesh repeaters/extenders

Wireless speakers

Game consoles

TV and media remote controls

Smart home products 

Plus many other wireless devices


Personal Experience

We found in our house that we needed to permanently cover our router. We don't use WiFi, keep transmitters to a minimum and everything is connected through ethernet cabling. Our common brand router has WiFi disabled through the normal settings you can access. One would think that this eliminates the WiFi radio frequency from the router, in our case it did not. While there is no WiFi signal being emitted, we measured a strong 3G and 4G cell phone frequency pulsing from it every few seconds, and there is no functionality in the settings to turn this off. So now, it sits there under this cover and the measured RF readings have dropped right off. This has also been confirmed by testing a number of other brands of routers from our customers. This is also now true of Smart Speakers, WiFi Access Points and other Boosters.  

WiFi Router and Wireless Device Protective Shielding Cover

$75.00 Regular Price
$69.00Sale Price
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