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This amazing product is a headache relief cap. Made from a high grade gel with spandex material cover. Place this in the freezer or fridge to cool it down to your own temperature and place over your head. The universal sizing means this soft material won't feel too tight or too loose.


This is a very comfortable and light blocking cold therapy cover. It doesn't freeze solid and remains soft and plyable. Simply place in the freezer or fridge for upto two hours before use.


Perfect to help with relief of headaches and migraines.


Colour: Black only

Size: One size fits all

This is not a liquid gel pack.


Notes from Andy the EMFGUY

This is an absolutely amazing product. As with all products in EMFShop, we test everything for its functionality and materials which sometimes means we have to disassemble and destroy stuff but in this instance it was just a case of use the item!


After returning home from a long haul flight I was recovering slowly as I had a migraine. No doubt caused from the dehydration of flying long distances and with all the EMF that you have to endure on flights these days. If you didn't know, a seat on a typical aircraft like an A380 has all four EMF issues, high electric fields in the headrests behind your head, under your seat and infront of you on the seat in front! Then we have high magnetic fields and dirty electric frequencies from all the aircraft avionics and then on top of that there are the layers radio frequency from onboad WiFi and Bluetooth. Only some of this you can mitigate. All of these EMFs, amongst other things, also contributes to your dehydration. Then we have solar radiation, circadian mismatch, light pollution..... it's amazing how we endure these things.


Anyway, I returned home with one of those migraines that have you seeking out dark quiet spots to be left alone. That's hard to do in my house so I turned to try this cold compress headache cap. I placed it in the freezer for about 30 mins then took it out and laid down on the couch and put it on. The instant relief was incredible. The coldness was probably slightly uncomfortable for about 10 seconds, then a nice wave of relief followed. The complete darkness was also a bonus.


This first session lasted about 10 minutes, as the cold sensation was wearing off. I then put the cap in the freezer for about two hours to have another session with it later. The cap came out  the freezer colder but still hadn't lost its flexibility or comfort. This time placing the cap on my head it took a little longer to get used to the coldness, but sure enough within about 20 or 30 seconds absolute relief. My eyes also felt better with the cold and dark. The sensation was unusual but felt so good. I was so happy to be wearing this thing.


The upshot was, my migraine reduced significantly with three sessions over the course of the day. While it didn't disappear completely, it felt at least 70% better. Rehydrating, grounding and sleeping took care of the rest.


So, I highly recommend this product and if I am unfortunate to have another doozy of a headache I will be reaching into the kitchen cupboard where we keep the first aid kit to put this cap in the freezer for a another cold therapy session.


Hope this is useful for you.






Cold Therapy Headache Relief Compress

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