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These fitted earthing bed sheets are made of 95% cotton and 5% silver fiber. These durable sheeets are conductive and with the supplied grounding cord and plug, connect you to earth to receive all the benefits of grounding as you sleep.


Silver fiber is naturally anti bacterial, anti static, safe and a long-lasting deodorant fiber.


Color: Standard off white/Beige

QUEEN and KING size fitted Sheets available.


Supplied with 5m grounding cord and NZ plug.

Wash only on delicate settings.


Earthing Bed Sheets

PriceFrom $229.00
  • In order to use earthing products correctly, you need to understand that not all environments are the same and earthing in a home is not always prudent. Earthing itself, is essential, we are born of the earth and connect not only to the negative charge but also the magnetic field, the temperature fluctuations, light changes, heat (infrared light), to name the most common. 

    However when earthing in a home, it’s a different story. Adding an earthing sheet, pillow case or underlay to your bed can introduce issues in the wrong setting. 

    Here at EMFShop and EarthWaves we know how to survey for EMF’s in the home, and in many situations, we find were earthing products have been introduced, there are issues. Simply plugging into a house grounding plug and expecting it to be ok is far off the mark. In our experience, in some cases earthing products have been responsible for sudden health issues and we are called to help remediate. Simply advertising and stating that earthing while you sleep is beneficial for everyone is grossly inaccurate as not everyones homes and bedrooms have the same EMF environment.

    Before any earthing products are used in a sleeping area, we recommend you understand what is happening when you earth. You also need to understand some simple rules around EMFs and earthing. 

    So here are a few things to understand first. 

    All bedrooms have electric fields, around the head of the bed, along the walls and in the ceiling. These electric fields broadcast out several feet and induce voltage into earthing products and will raise your body voltage and raise your body current, which is not the purpose and is detrimental.

    Electric fields of certain magnitudes have a negative influence over earthing products. Around an earthing sheet for example is an AC voltage in the bedroom, sleeping in this field increases your AC body voltage, this then flows to ground but not before using you as the conductive surface in-between. Voltage is pressure, and so the greater voltage from your homes wiring has greater pressure than the upward flow of negative electrons from the earth. The flow moves one way, downwards, and negates the purpose of the earthing sheet at the same time drawing an increase AC voltage across your body. The field goes to ground and uses you as the conduit.

    Within this electric field reside other frequencies, collectively known as dirty electricity. Earthing products with their conductive properties conduct these frequencies across their surface which in turn influences your own EMF fields through the electrical topology of your skin in the first instance. 

    Where high levels of dirty electricity exist, earthing products are not recommended without first remediating the DE.

    Where high electric fields exist, we recommend not to use earthing products without first reducing the EMF issue.

    If elevated magnetic fields exist, we recommend not to use earthing products without first eliminating the EMF issue.

    The short grounding rods you buy with earthing products are just about useless. House grounding systems use 2m grounding rods with at least 1.8m driven into the ground, well into the conductive layers of the soil. An eight inch grounding road will only penetrate into the top dry and low conductive layers of the soil. And in summer, this will be even less conductive creating an utterly useless connection. Testing conductivity of these rods in different conditions shows their ineffectiveness.

    Claims that all earthing products are beneficial come from online sites which do not understand how to measure, remediate or recognise the EMF footprint of a home and how this relates to our health and wellbeing.

    Please contact us first if you are unsure or have any other queries.

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