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Electro culture is an ancient technique for harvesting energy from the earth and atmosphere to help plants grow. It has been used in gardening for centuries and is a natural technique that has been used extensively across many cultures.


This kit is designed as an introduction into electro culture and includes two cone templates and 5m of pure copper wire.


The two cone templates are designed for the copper wire to be wound around in the grooves and within seconds an electro culture antenna is made. The small cone is 60mm high with a base diameter of 35mm and the larger cone is 90mm high with a base diameter of 52mm.


The samples of antennas and the plant are not included.


How does electro culture work?

As a short summary, the earth is negatively charged, the atmosphere is positively charged. The antenna pushed into the soil means the top of the antenna is in a positive charge and the bottom of the antenna is in a negative charge. The difference here draws negatively charged electrons through the soil into the antenna through electromagnetic forces. The drawing of electrons also brings nutrients and water to the base of the plant.


This charge effect can be easily demonstrated with a digital multimeter. Set the meter to a DC 2V measurement. Place the negative probe into the ground and the positive prober on the top of the antenna. You will be able to read a mV change. On my own personal electro culture antennas I've managed to read 0.387mV change on a 1.5m antenna. 


This product is a great example of our natural EMF world. Here on EMFShop we are passionate and dedicated to EMF awareness, protection and shielding, we are also interested in natural EMF and our connection to natures energy source. We are afterall electromagnetic beings on an electromagnetic planet in an electromagnetic universe. This is also a great example of why we need to ground ourselves, for the exact same reason how electro culture works. We also need to connect to the earth in bare feet and draw in all those lovely free electrons.


Electro Culture Kit

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