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EMF protection blankets for you and your family. Made in New Zealand by a local Kiwi seamstress, these EarthWaves blankets are top quality and offer great EMF protection. 


We have them in two sizes with the larger one at 140cm x 100cm being ideal for a cot or a bed. The smaller one is 90cm x 70cm and is perfect for being on the go and is designed as a protective blanket for a bassinet, pram or a car seat when you are outside in our increasing EMF polluted environments.


These blankets provide radio frequency shielding from microwave radiation, cell phone towers, WiFi networks, Bluetooth, mobile phones, smart meters, wireless alarms and monitoring etc.


Material Specifications:

Brushed cotton outer

Natural bamboo fibre inner

Protective layer 53% Cotton 42% Silver Fibre 5% Polyester


Outer patterns and prints may vary as we are subject to supply availability. Photographs may be updated from time to time.

EMF Protective Blankets for Children

PriceFrom $189.00
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