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A little bigger than the portable Eos. This red light therapy panel is mains powered which provides more LED lights at a higher power with both red light and the NIR range. With an easy to set timer control. 


40 LED 5W high power chip.

Wavelength 660nm and 850nm Red light. 

Timer controlled.

Very low flicker <1%.

Power 200W.

Weight 0.9kg.


Included in the box:

- LED panel with built in stand

- Power cable


Dimensions: 240mm x 140mm x 30mm.

Metal construction.

Colour white only.


All products including this red light panel are tested by EMFShop to ensure all products are low EMF. 









Disclaimer: EMFShop and all its suppliers do not endorse this product for medical use or treatment for any condition. Information on this page is not intended to replace any advice from a qualified health care professional and proper medical advice should be obtained before use. 

Eos II Red Light Therapy Panel

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