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This is our very own water magnetiser designed to clamp on 20mm domestic water piping using the included tie wrap. Very easy and quick to install. Just locate your incoming water pipe, place the clamp around the pipe and fasten with the tie wrap.


Why magnetise water?

The municipal water we get out of the taps at home is essentially denatured. Having been recycled, posioned by chemicals, passed through electromagnetic and mechanical processes, removed from sun light and in many cases exposed to radio frequencies. The water has been beaten up, bullied  and squeezed into its current unstructured form. 


In nature, water runs through streams, over rocks, passes through sun light and earths magnetic field, while gathering minerals a long the way that help to electrically charge and structure the water.


As part of a simple protocol to help re-nature your water, you can run it through magnets. This helps to reorder the structure of water molecules back to a natural state.


Length: 40mm

Outside diameter: 45mm


Comes with clamp in two halves

Four magnets installed

One tie wrap

Magnetic Water Clamp

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