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This is a wonderful tool for looking after our childrens mobile phone usage. A simple lock box with digital timer designed to keep a mobile phone secure and protected during those hours of the day or night. 


For parents and care givers to take control over the time our children spend on mobile phones and to limit the distraction of social media and other apps that are consuming more and more time.


While this is NOT an EMF shielding case, it provides locked security over the accessibility of a mobile phone for our young children and teenagers.


A charging port at the base of the unit allows for the phone to be charged while in the lock box.


A small onboard rechargeable battery powers the timer display and lock.


Colour: Navy Blue

Battery capacity: 300 mAH

Contents: Lock box, USB charging cable and manual

Battery Life: Under normal daily use can last for around 60 days on a single charge.

Weight: 163g


This lock box is universal for most mobile phones with internal dimensions of Length 166mm, Width 85.5mm, Depth 14mm. Please check outside dimensions of the selected mobile phone before ordering.


Mobile Phone Timer Lock Box

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