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This plug in dirty electricity filter is the Satic Pure Power Plug-In. These are especially design for homes, apartments or office spaces that have moderately high EMF and EMI levels.


The Pure Power Plug-In plugs into any standard 230V outlet to reduce negative harmonics and EMF radiation while increasing efficiency and reducing power costs for common appliances such as refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners. One Pure Power Plug-In will filter and condition the power on the circuits on a single phase.  This product is also known as the EMF Eliminator.



Customer comments from Lily in Australia

‘I'm so glad you are selling the Satic filters. We love our Satic shield plug in. Thank you so much it's been a life saver. It makes such a difference.  We had a huge dirty electricity problem on an old farm house we are renting, being very sensitive to fields it became unbearable in the house.The filters have done their job!


Satic Pure Power Plug In Dirty Electricity Filter

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