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This is a Schumann wave generator which creates a 7.83Hz signal to simulate the ultra low frequency of one of Earths fundamental frequencies. Also known as the Earths heartbeat, the Schumann resonance naturally occurs through the electromagnetic wave interaction within the atmosphere.


Discovered in 1952 by the Physicist Winfried Otto Schumann, it comes as no surprise that this frequency also matches, connects and interacts to the human brain frequencies in the same range.


Powered through a rechargeable battery, the Schumann wave generator is a standalone, portable unit that can be used at home, work or while travelling. 


Power: 12V 1A USBC charging cable

Battery capacity: 2300mah

Size: 132 x 108 x 30mm

Weight: 200g

Schumann Wave Generator

$89.00 Regular Price
$79.00Sale Price
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