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Set of three tuning forks 128Hz, 256Hz and 512Hz. 

Perfectly tuned and precisely made with high grade aluminium alloy. High quality polished finish.


The 512Hz is unweighted. Both the 128Hz and 256Hz are weighted.



3 x tuning forks (128Hz, 256Hz and 512Hz)

1 x rubber mallet

1 x cleaning cloth

1 x allen key for adjusting weights

1 x velvet storage bag


Optional Extra

1 x wooden stand


The wooden stand as an option is a custom made hardwood block perfectly designed to display your tuning forks and keep them handy for use.


So why use tuning forks?

Tuning forks when struck vibrate at a set frequency and have been used as a sound healing modality for thousands of years. Our body is full of frequencies and vibrations as all organs, cells, bones, liquids, tissues all vibrate with a cohesive and natural rhythm. This state of vibration also extends outward from our body as a whole and is often called our BioField.


As our day to day lives unfold and we travel, work and sleep in this EMF world, the natural rhythms of our bodies become dissonant and out of tune. The harmony that our body is designed to experience and the connection to the harmony of the Earth and the Universe becomes in sunder through our unnatural and disconnected lives.


What is the difference between the weighted and unweighted tuning forks?

The unweighted tuning forks are designed as sound healing once struck. These are used off the body, typically either side of the head or moved through the body’s own biofield.


The weight on the top of the tuning forks is designed to amplify the frequency sending it down the tines into the stem. These weighted tuning forks are used by pressing the stem against the body in order to feel the sensation of the vibration.


What is the connection between tuning forks and EMF?

From an EMF perspective, for those that are EHS, tuning forks may help with readjusting and retuning after EMF exposure. Everything has a vibration, all those low electrical and magnetic frequencies in our lives are vibration, the cell phone you hold, the cell tower you drive by, the WiFi router you sit under at work, the Bluetooth headsets you see on the person next to you on the bus, all have a vibration. But not only are these vibrations of energy, they are unnatural, pulse modulated alien vibrations, which act as a stimulus to your body which responds by adjusting to the more dominate frequency. This takes us out of tune with ourselves and the environment. It is a simple demonstration of basic physics at play.


So how do you retune back to nature? Well one way is to use tuning forks, to reset and readjust from the entrained frequency that our unnatural lives constantly expose us to back to the harmonious flow of nature.

Tuning Forks - Set of three

PriceFrom $29.00
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