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The YShield® AF3 product is a special additive for mixing with YShield paints. All YShield shielding paints are formulated without crack-bridging carbon fibers for airless spray application. In case of cracks forming in the substrate, this additive contains long, electrically conductive carbon fibers which guarantee the grounding even without using the grounding strap.



Stir in the additive (90 ml) into 5 liter shielding paint. Use an electro mixer for at least for one minute, that all mixes homogeneously.


Technical data

  • For the following shielding paints: MAX54, PRO54, HSF54, HSF64, NSF34
  • Delivery size: 90 ml
  • Coverage: Mix with 5 liters of shielding paint
  • Ingredients: Water, carbon fibers, additives, preservative (BIT, INN, MIT)
  • Color: Black
  • Frost resistant (3 frost-/thaw cycles), shippable year-round

YShield® AF3 Fiber Additive

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